Corvallis, OR – Jul 16, 2018

Primary season is over and as the dust settles, one candidate, Danny Jaffer running for House District 23, has made history.

Danny has become the first ever major party candidate (Democrat) to receive not only an endorsement but a cross nomination from the Pacific Green Party. Danny also received the highest write-in votes to receive the cross nomination from Oregon’s third largest political party, the Independent Party, which historically represents a moderate-centrist constituency. Danny accomplished this from a grassroots small donor funded campaign.

With these cross-nominations and his grassroots campaign, Danny has proven he can build coalitions and bridges among progressive, moderate and conservative factions. If any voter is concerned about a candidate being truly an independent voice in Salem beholden only to his constituents — not special interests, big money donors or major political party establishments — there is no better evidence that Danny Jaffer is that candidate. We need his voice in Salem today to represent the people of District 23 and, indeed, all of Oregon.

I urge your support and vote for Danny Jaffer.

George Wisner

Monroe (July 16)

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