Corvallis Gazette Times, April 9, 2018

In May, residents of Oregon House District 23 have a chance to choose someone who will look out for us in Salem. Danny Jaffer grew up in the district, understands the needs of rural Oregon, and will work hard for all of us.

Danny is committed to improving public education, ensuring access to affordable rural health care, growing our economy, protecting clean water and air, and taking care of Oregon’s veterans.

Oregon has historically taken the lead on these issues, but our current representative, Mike Nearman, wants to take us backward. Nearman has voted against funding for education, health care, roads, and affordable housing, exactly the things that rural Oregon needs to thrive.

Danny will appear on the Democratic ballot. Please give him your vote and show that we’re serious about electing a representative who looks out for our interests. Learn more at

Teresa Welch

Corvallis (April 5)

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