Thank you for visiting the Danny Jaffer for Oregon House District 23 web page.

As we close out the campaign for 2018, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated, and worked to move Oregon Forward over the past year.  It was a long and tough road, yet rewarding in many ways.  The Danny Jaffer for Oregon House District 23 campaign involved more people, wrote more letters, knocked on more doors, raised more money, and reached out more than has ever been done here.

Thank you to all who contributed your time, money, and energy to what has been a great endeavor.  It is unfortunate that we came up short, but we did make an impact, and we proved that there are so many willing to stand up and say: “We can be better than this!”  While I won’t be sitting in the Oregon House of Representatives in January, this campaign helped the campaign of like minded candidates from other districts who will be.  We also helped defeat four very damaging and mean-spirited ballot measures, and for that you should be justifiably proud.

We know that we are committed to the correct course, and we will not deviate.  We deserve true representation in District 23, and there is no going back to accepting what was.  We will keep fighting to make it what it should be.

Keep helping others, keep fighting the good fight, keep contributing efforts to those causes in which you believe, keep moving the ball, keep moving Oregon Forward.

Stay tuned for upcoming action, and please keep me informed of issues and concerns.  I will pass information to others who can help.

Again, thank you all, for everything.  It has been a good ride so far, and it’s far from being over!


Meet Danny

Danny Jaffer believes in rural Oregon because he’s a product of rural Oregon. Danny was born and raised in Monmouth, graduated from Central High School, and worked his way through Oregon State University. After earning his degree, Danny joined the U.S. Military, where he served for nearly 25 years as a pilot in the U.S. Navy and U. S. Air Force Reserve. During his military service, Danny was deployed in Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, the Global War on Terrorism, and earned a law degree at the University of Oregon School of Law. After retiring from the Navy, Danny returned home to Oregon. Danny lives in rural Polk County with his wife, Renee. They have three grown children.

*Danny Jaffer is a retired member of the Navy. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement from the Department of Defense or the Navy.

Danny’s Values

Danny believes in rural Oregon values: community, hard work, and public service. That’s why Danny believes in moving Oregon forward. Danny knows that, with the right priorities, every Oregonian can enjoy the quality affordable health care, clean air and water, and educational empowerment we’ve earned. Danny has never forgotten where he came from. He has always served our community–and as our next state representative, he’ll never forget the people he’s elected to serve.

What is Oregon Forward?

Oregon Forward is a movement built on the idea that Oregonians can and should work together to create a healthier, cleaner, and more prosperous community for everyone. Oregon Forward is also a rejection of the dirty politics of fear and intolerance which serve only the interests of deep-pocketed special interests, not you and me. Whether you’re conservative, liberal, or just fed up with politics altogether, the Oregon Forward campaign seeks to make your voice and your interest the focal point of everything we do. A vote for Danny Jaffer is a vote to strip the power of extreme special interests and return power to everyday Oregonians, where it belongs.

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